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sábado, 5 de octubre de 2019

Romantic places to enjoy as a couple in Lisbon. Part I

Since 2013 it was considered the most romantic city in the world and it is not incredible to miss it: its viewpoints with hypnotic vision to declare love, its incredible and super romantic trams or hidden gardens to tell itself secrets ... Lisbon is with permission from Paris, the new city of love Here in this first part and in the rest we will be teaching you how to take advantage of a city with sensuality.

It is no accident that couples get married or have their honeymoon in Lisbon. The Portuguese capital distills such a romanticism ... and we find Pedro Vilela, an artist from Lisbon who has become the photographer of couples where they travel to Lisbon to seal their love or have unique moments. Lisbon intoxicates with its light. The clientele is 50% foreign: Russians, Britons, Germans, French, etc. Everyone ends up in love with the melancholic and bohemian essence of the city ... (that's what we love). 

Pedro vilela. 

Viewpoints to kiss.

They are incredible places in the city ... the viewpoints are incredible places for as the Portuguese say: namorar (and feel pride, who would not be with a beautiful city)

Let yourself fall in love with the tones of the viewpoint da portas do sol, the viewpoint par excellence of Alfama and look at the Tagus River while a musician transports you to another place.

The garden of Torel that is in the neighborhood do pena. It is an interior garden that shows a green environment within the city. A well kept secret from Lisbon.

Also the viewpoint July 24 (it is private) is shared by a house with friends. To see it, you would have to ask sofia r for permission on a special page that encourages Lisbon's unique views.

Within 8 days we will continue talking about this.

Viewpoints da portas du sol. 

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