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sábado, 7 de septiembre de 2019

What is the main reason why Latin and Spanish travel bloggers do not write travel guides.

It is a curious but interesting phenomenon. If we see in the Anglo-Saxon world, there is much talk about travel books.

If you go to the kindle store in English, you find this:

Travel guides 

Travel guides 2 

Travel guides 3 

The English market for travel guides is highly developed in Amazon and gives authors the possibility.

Instead you go to travel guides in Spanish and you find this:

You see that in the English market you see a lot of books and options. This was from the page of Spain. In Latin America there is no market. It exists for Spain, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. The rest is incipient or does not exist.

For the rest of Latin American countries it is an elite product where everything is more normal. That writing is for an elite and a special elite. (Books and travel books should be for everyone, not a few)

That's why we will write the travel guide in English and it will be improved.

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