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sábado, 10 de agosto de 2019

Travel bloggers: inspiration for travelers?

Travel bloggers can now be said to be a mixture of national geographic (magazines) and also a mixture of the great expeditionaries who forgot about the comforts in order to get to know a place and more ...
It is a job (if you can say) fascinating and more if your partner loves what you love (which is traveling)

Many couples have left the comfort even to follow their passion forever and there are many examples. In the movie eating, praying, loving is an example of this. At the end of the movie he left his comfort and left with Felipe, the last protagonist of the movie.

The travel travel youtubers are also worth leaving your comfort and travel from Argentina to Alaska (it's your dream and they are fulfilling it)
Among many others. They follow their passion and live from it.

Are travel bloggers an inspiration to others?

Of course, if and if we help others to live their dream of traveling, it is great to be an inspiration to others.

Travel is over borders, politics, lots of things and they help you change the perspective.
Follow your dream of traveling.

Feeling the smells, the noises and the local food (together with the people is an incredible sensation) today we were inspired and it is a reminder of who we are. Thanks for being here. It has been almost two incredible years.

Traveler experience 

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