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domingo, 4 de agosto de 2019

The best hotels in Santa Helena, Cerrito, Valle del Cauca.

Zamora International Hotel:

do you like local hotels? And where can you enjoy local food in a special place? This small hostel is a place in Santa Helena, Cerrito and you can see the simplicity in this hostel. With these photos you can find great things and a cleanliness of the place.

We can see it in these photos:

hotel follow the cow:

When we pass through the most beautiful road in Colombia, we pass through this hotel. Very nice hotel and that day was full. It has amenities for children, swimming pool and a great restaurant where you can eat local food.

Hotel Siga La Vaca, Santa Elena, El Cerrito |

the eden resort

It is one of the best hotels in Santa Helena. It is very well maintained and also its rooms are very incredible.

El Edén Hotel Resort, Santa Elena, El Cerrito |

hotel the meson de la sierra.

It is a hostel near 11 accommodations with the landscape of the mountains. All rooms have a private bathroom. It has a pool and also a restaurant. The photos show how it is an amazing place.

Finca Campestre El Zakatin, Santa Elena, El Cerrito |

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