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sábado, 24 de agosto de 2019

How to make a travel diary while traveling in Latin America

If you want to remember incredible things during your trips, the places visited and great anecdotes, it is good that you have a travel diary. So we will explain how to have these steps to write these travel diaries.

1. The travel diary does not start when you arrive at your destination, but when you start organizing it. From how you will leave and even how to start planning the trip you can collect material for your diary.

2. Buy your ideal-sized travel journal to place your photos, tickets, menus and writings to document your journal. This newspaper will help you to accompany you on your trips, so it should be comfortable and light.

3. Buy a quality pen that you can write comfortably and an ega that you can collect on your trip.

4. Once you start your trip, write by dates the places visited, the anecdotes of each one of them and the most incredible experiences. Describe in detail what you have lived. The newspaper is a reflection of what you have lived on the trip and writes the route without forgetting any detail.

Within 8 days we will continue talking about travel diaries.

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