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sábado, 31 de agosto de 2019

3 delicious meals from the valle of cauca.

Hi. All this week we have been somewhat nostalgic and today we are going to show something very local from our incredible department.

3 meals that should be when one is in the city of Cali and surroundings.

The empanada: the empanada is a small triangle that has meat or chicken and potatoes inside. It is accompanied with potatoes in the filling and is accompanied with a good shampoo and chili pepper.

The papa rellena: it is a little bigger. It is a dough also full of potatoes, meat, peas, rice and sometimes even a hard-boiled egg. It eats hot and the British love it (it doesn't exist in Britain)

Finally and it is super rich also jelly. On the way to the cfetero axis they sell them and they are delicious. They are sweet and have a white powder that accompanies the jelly and that can be eaten too. Sometimes they are black and sometimes white. Very rich

We hope you liked these three meals.

Papa rellena 



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