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sábado, 6 de julio de 2019

Preparations for before a great trip. part II

first aid kit:

It is not mandatory, but taking a first aid kit would be a very good idea. While it is true that most medications you are wherever you go, it is good to bring:

- analgesics and anti-inflammatories: ibuprofen for pain and acetaminophen to reduce fever.
- antibiotic: in case of infection.
- antihistaminic: in case of an allergic reaction.
- antidiarreic: essential.
- stomach protector: in cases of visiting countries with spicy food.
- biodramina or mareol: to avoid dizziness, if we have to go on long trips by bus or boat.
- repellent
-gasas, isodine, espadadrapo.

que medicamentos llevar a un viaje largo
first aid kit 


There is a problem for the travelers: to put in the suitcase a great infinity of things, that are not used in the trips. the important thing is to be realistic and to analyze piece by piece it is worth including it in the luggage.

these are the clothes and wear them like this:

wallet and document holder where to keep the documentation. advice. It is interesting to make copies and put them in another different backpack or suitcase. also have them by email and have it in case of loss.

ear plugs and mask to sleep. both in transports or in some accommodations.

sarong or pareo, a garment that will make blankets in transport, towel on the beach or cover when it is cold.

travel books, the smaller the better. It's great to have it physically and enjoy your books or travel guides so you do not get lost.we have a book in spanish but wait us in english. 

As for clothes, it depends on the climate of the place of destination. if it is tropical, why wear cold clothes? You do not have to go crazy and carry a lot of clothes and also the places have laundry services.

shoes are something that takes up space. Unless you walk a lot (there are walkable cities, most of them in Europe and Latin America) the most important thing is that you wear them and wear others from your own experience.

and the necessary products of hygiene / beauty and even vitamins for when you walk a lot and take them in small bottles by own experience.

como la maleta para un viaje largo
take care of your personal effects

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