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lunes, 15 de julio de 2019

because being a traveling couple in Latin America

When you travel and develop that closeness as a couple you realize that those are the two ways to give emotion and go to the relationship.

it is an advantage that they have common tastes; similar experiences, similar ways of understanding leisure and even compatible rhythms of life. All this combined with traveling with your partner from Latin America to the world and does not necessarily have to be exact and may have points in common. discover what are:

we get lost in the cities.

we love iconic cities: cathedrals, great buildings, incredible museums ...

the best restaurants and fashion shops or the real life way of the destination: get away from the tourist.

a backpacking route through Southeast Asia. One night on a cruise or yacht.

they like to go for sure, eat the dishes in the street stalls, etc.

a pair of very comfortable shoes or a written guide of the country.

some memory of a market: an old postcard or a book in an unknown language or a map of the destination ...

or they love hiking and getting lost in the mountains, or selfies of us, or more authentic photos.

If you are a wanderlust, that is, a free spirit that does not need a pair of shoes and a backpack to travel the world. They love getting lost in the areas they want to know. It is preferable that they walk to have a closed route, they look at the details as the famous carpenter who takes a picture of him doing his work in Haifa, Telaviv.
(we will leave it below to be seen or the patico that I saw in the lake of madrid)

We hope you liked it a lot.

where was the carpenter in haifa telaviv we took this picture.

the carpenter's house in the old area of telaviv

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