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sábado, 8 de junio de 2019

today we did a post about yoga and travel in backpackers

Hi all. we loved the idea that instagram started to follow us an incredible page where an event about yoga and healthy lifestyle is made. They also gave us a discount on products and the yoga event.

Then we explain what is this yoga event. you do not need to buy to win and a purchase does not increase your chances of winning.

people who can enjoy residents of the United States, the district of Columbia or Canada, excluding the inhabitants of Delaware or Quebec and be 18 years old. If you are not in the United States, do not participate in the contest.

During the event you can register in a link that we will leave below and you can enter the email that is in the sidebar.

but if you like, we would like to tell you that yoga has taken over Latin America. There are many yoga schools found throughout the Latin American region. With kilometers of natural habitat and with the antecedents of the Mayan and Inca civilizations, Central America and the South help to embark on a spiritual journey. The explosion of yoga schools and consciousness have been increasing exponentially.

Latin America is the destination of the yoga fan option. Countries such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile. all are sought after by yoga lovers.

If you like yoga and want to enjoy events and pay for this event located in Mexico, there are many things such as candles, yoga clothes, mats, etc. You will have the discount if you use the code wanderlust 15.

Here are the links:

this is the link about the event:

online yoga class:

Products to practice yoga:

and this is the blog so I can read many things about yoga:

and this is the blog so I can read many things about yoga:

If you want to have a center and have a spiritual search this will be your key and you will love the possibility of traveling in this way.

wanderlust yoga festival.

wanderlust yoga products.

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