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sábado, 15 de junio de 2019

the cheapest and best countries to go backpacking from Latin America. part II



One of the most classic backpacker destinations is Peru, through the jungles, its ruins, landscapes and its sand. Macchu Picchu is something you can not miss. from the trails of the Andes is a unique mix between nature and history and there is always something to do at any time of the year.
The capital of Peru, Lima, is the best place to start the trip. Take a map or GPS, trekking boots and go for a walk in Peru.

Sri Lanka:
sri lanka

The most popular city in Sri Lanka for backpackers is Colombo, the capital of the country’s commerce, although its capital, Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, is also worth a visit.

These cities are full of nice people offering cheap accommodation, food and souvenirs. the galle face green and the buddha statue are incredible and it is also that everyone can visit Sri Lanka and enjoy its culture and landscapes, making it a very accessible passage for backpackers.

Costa Rica:
costa rica
If you love nature, then Costa Rica should be on the list of backpackers. with its national parks, volcanoes, wildlife, birds, blue lakes and golden beaches. Costa Rica is an eco friendly place for backpackers. One of the best tourist attractions is Corcovado National Park which has a lot of activities. The palo verde park is the perfect place that look for nature and relaxation. If you are going to look for the national parks of costa rica take a bathing suit because there are waterfalls and hot springs to enjoy. also take the camera so you can see the eruption of the volcano.
Do you love nature, trekking and at the same time cultural and rural tourism? Catalonia is your ideal place. you can enjoy nature, trekking and also history tourism.
This place is very friendly for those who are disguising as backpacker and who love to walk like backpackers and walk in nature. Catalonia has incredible national parks to walk as aiguestortes, delta del ebro, monserrat, montseny, cadi – moixero, etc. If you love the idea of ​​walking and walking through these national parks, this place is ideal for you.

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