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sábado, 1 de junio de 2019

the cheapest and best countries to go backpacking

backpacker couple

backpacking trips is one of the most fun and economical ways to travel around the world. You can always have a backpack in hand and stay at cheap places, more if you are a student, or you can not afford a luxury destination. If you think you have to be rich to travel, it's not true. If you have a tight budget you will not go to luxury hotels, but that is not the purpose of traveling. The important thing is to travel the world and have very good experiences. Here is a list of 10 cheap countries to travel, so save on your trip.


backpacker's turkey

One of the cheapest destinations for backpackers that has a lot to offer is Turkey. With a unique mix between Eastern and Western culture and spectacular landscapes, Turkey is a different country from yours.

the food is not only very good, but also very cheap. Turkey is a country for all types of travelers: festive culture, ancient ruins and a very busy city, Istanbul.

when visiting the historical center of Istanbul, the museum of Santa Sofia, and that of San Salvador. Do not forget to enter the big bazaar, with the food stalls, which are more than 4,000 gastronomy to know the Middle East.


Nicaragua, backpacker destination.

Although it is not a very popular destination for tourists and it is not full of travelers, it is one of the best and cheapest countries of any backpacker. It is perfect that they love the mixture of wild nature and peace, the great spaces, the incredible dresses and the colonial culture. Visit Granada to see unique buildings. Visit the support visit to the volcanic lake of Masaya and it is located in 2o minutes of Granada.


backpackers thailand. 

este pais asiatico siempre esta lleno de mochilero pasandolo en grande. un pais que tu bolsillo se lleva bien, con una cultura unica y personas mas agradable. la comida tailandesa es deliciosa y muy sabrosa. en tailandia puedes vivir con un presupuesto de 20 euros o dolares al dia entre hospedaje y comida y si duermes en buenos sitios pero si quieres dormir en un hospedaje mas barato y si le preguntas a una persona local. tailandia es un pais increible donde puedes ver y hacer cosas sin que te cuete una fortuna. este lugar es uno de los lugares mas increibles. 

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