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sábado, 18 de mayo de 2019

Can you live from a travel blog in Latin America?

Travel blog in southamerica? 

Several people have said that in South America everything is more complicated. Which is practically impossible, really?

Things can be difficult, okay, but it's not impossible.

Do you generate value in the lives of others with what you do today?

Are you happy with your life at this time?

Are you aware that this is your passion?

These are the key questions with what you do and have brought me up to now.

When we worked in the hotels we realized that we liked it but it was not our passion and we asked ourselves the following:

A lot of learning at this stage: a big blow to the ego that we all have. Cultivate patience, you will know and learn in the process.

When you decide to change course and go on a trip, you learn to walk with mentality, you learn to live in a different way, you find wonderful and incredible people and you enjoy everything.

Greater learning: open mind. Flow with learning, enjoy diversity.

When this platform becomes your life: with constancy, a great will is willing to risk everything for an idea that you think is incredible and decide to create a digital platform when you crash with reality, to undertake without capital is a great challenge and more when there is not a million dollars for your idea. (This is not silicon valley)

Many times we got to despair, anxiety and tension although it took out the positive side of each situation and it was a therapy to restructure mental beliefs.

Ways to monetize a blog in South America:

There are several ways to monetize the blog (through Google adsense, infoproducts, affiliate marketing).

- personalized advice: and if it is about the theme of your blog and you are passionate about it, it is something incredible!

- courses and seminars on the theme of your blog.

- Create your own ebook or infoproduct.

- Affiliate marketing and everything you can think of.

Do not forget to be creative and live off your passions.

If you want to fulfill your dreams of being a blogger, here is a link where you can monetize your travel blog and if you want to travel to Catalonia you can also download it here: (in our payhip)

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