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sábado, 11 de mayo de 2019

Be an organic and traveler in Latin America

Food is important and more when we travel. The food is adapted in each trip. The concern that each trip can feed well (and can be achieved) and fulfill the dream of traveling one can achieve the dream of living traveling and eating very healthy.

One when he takes this style of life (in Latin America it is becoming an interesting fashion) he begins to take care of himself and take responsibility for his nutrition. What nutrients we had for each meal and with little money eat healthy.

This is not a post about whether it is good or bad to eat meat but how to be organic and how to take responsibility for your food (we supplement when we go on a trip in addition to the organic food we eat when we travel) one becomes more conscious food in general and we use products that do not harm the skin and are organic. We are organic by ethics, by personal decision I can eat any food but I prefer not to.

More than one says that being organic is expensive (it is more cheaper to be organic and we try to be coherent with travel.

Organic and travel in latinamerica 

Travel and organic 

Mothers long at the bottom of their hearts to fulfill their dreams and if you are consistent with them you will achieve the "impossible" to be happy.

So if you want to see your mother happy this link will give you the possibility that your mother can travel responsibly and organically.

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