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sábado, 25 de mayo de 2019

as we seek to create a passive online business with books to continue traveling in Latin America.

one of the most important books that exists is this: the 4-hour working week of tim ferris, where it is read that they are the "new rich"; the new rich are not millionaires, but people who have resources in abundance. Instead of working on something they travel to wait until retirement to do what they like, the new rich create automated systems that manage in 4 hours a week and gives them the ideal lifestyle.

the key is to specialize and have a niche page about tourism: we focus on low cost tourism and backpackers in Latin America and the world.
If you create an ebook about something niche you will achieve something and you will come a long way.

The ideas of a niche page is simple and incredible:

you are looking for a topic that interests you and people search the internet.

create a web page with valuable content on the subject and position it in google.

monetizas the traffic of your blog with online advertising sales and with books so you can monetize the channel.

the niche pages you build them once. Once created and positioned in google, people enter every day, earn advertising or buy the products you promote and at the end of the month and enter your current account what you earned. Meanwhile you will be in Taliandia enjoying the beach or enjoying a pina colada.

that's why ebooks are a good way to promote your blog because it will help you monetize your blog.

by the way, I saw that they like the idea of ​​giving them a #giveaway of the books that we have written that we have done now precisely of trips: #howmonetizetravelblog

I hope you like the idea of ​​the draw and the condition so that you can win the #ebooks is sending and tagging as many people as you can in addition to follow us on all social networks.

to subscribe to all our networks you can do it here:

And if you like the idea that we make a book in English in Catalonia, you can also tell us in the comments.

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How to monetize your travel blog without dying in the intent

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