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sábado, 30 de marzo de 2019

Reasons to travel to New York. Part I

Because traveling to new york:

Why visit new york?

If you think of the United States, think of the big apple as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Manhattan or Central Park. It is one of the most emblematic and famous cities in the United States. It was a little accessible destination for the majority, with the cheapest costs it has made the arrival to the big apple simpler and to meet with a great contrast of cultures and its architecture.

Liberty statue in new york 

1. New york is a world capital:

New York is the unprecedented financial, cultural and artistic center. It is an example of globalization, in this contemporary world.
The history of this city is full of many immigrants who from the beginning were here from all over the world, giving rise to this incredible world city and it is a very important city to visit.

Empire state in new york 

2. A multicultural experience.

Something fascinating is how a number of cultures, races, religions and languages are mixed in a diversity that maintains the harmony of this city. It is one of the few places where music, art, cuisine is appreciated in its original form as fusion.

We hope you liked it and hope in 8 days about the reasons to travel to New York.

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