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sábado, 16 de marzo de 2019

How to sell ebooks and gained money part V

11 keys to make your ebook a success.

- structure of the ebook.
- find keywords
- Title with hook.
- format the ebook
- cover page
- description
- be in creative creative
- publish in amazon
- how to promote your ebook at zero cost.
- publish in smashwords.

1. Be in safe creative.

It's about registering for free and you can register your book to avoid plagiarism and leave a record that you have written it.

2. Publish in Amazon:

Amazon is the king of online book sales and for an indie or novice it's perfect. In this case we will talk about travel books of no fiction so this is what we know.
The first thing is to register in kdp select and fill in all the data.

3. How to promote your ebook at zero cost:

You have already published your book but nobody knows you. Investigate the interest groups of the theme of your book, etc.

Amazon gives you the possibility to have 5 days for free. You do not have to do it every day, but on Sundays and Mondays you can see more downloads.

Within 8 days we will continue talking about these issues.

Kdp kindle ebooks

Safe creative 

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