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sábado, 2 de marzo de 2019

How to sell ebooks and earn money Part III

11 keys to make your ebook a success.

- structure of the ebook.
- find keywords
- Title with hook.
- format the ebook
- cover page
- description
- be in creative creative
- publish in amazon
- how to promote your ebook at zero cost.
- publish in smashwords

1. Structure of the ebook:

It is not the same to write a book as a post, so there is to create an index
To show the information. The most advisable thing is to create an index that you can give as a gift. The good entrepreneur onlije likes to give gifts and is a way to attract more visitors.

2. Find keywords.

It is about the words that the reader writes in amazon to find books according to their interests.
The most important thing is that you have 10 keywords.

To use and know what keywords to use, use Google keyword planner. Amazon includes keywords to optimize the visibility of your book. It is key that the title and subtitle have those keywords.

3. Title with hook.

Apply the basic rules of copywriting. A title must have a tempting promise, the person who reads it must be curious and have the temptation that something is lost if he does not read it.
Books with numbers attract attention and seek to find out more readers.

In 8 days we will continue talking about ebooks.

How sell ebooks

How selling ebooks

Selling ebooks

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