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sábado, 9 de febrero de 2019

New york with a in architecture.


The city of new york is a special place for any enthusiast of architecture, it is among the most important achievements of man.
Several of the most emblematic buildings are here: the empire state, the chrysler and the flatiron. They are iconic constructions and seen by thousands of tourists every year.

The architecture in New York is inexhaustible, and it is a mistake to focus on the most notable buildings.

The high line:
An elevated linear park in chelsea, manhattan, works as an urban sanctuary where people can be in contact with nature, water and the city. By touring the high line you can appreciate the past and present of the city, gliding between chelsea and the most recognized architectural developments in the world. As well as works of art from the art program. It has a privileged view of 520 W 28th street. At night looks shocking, you end up with some hunger. The chelsea market is nearby and has a wide variety of places to eat anything.

Midtown Manhattan:

The central area of Manhattan (just south of Central Park) is a more vertical developed area of the city. You can appreciate skyscrapers, starting with the lipstick building. You can also go to the Austrian cultural forum. Near there you can go to the urbanspace vanderbilt, where is toby's estate where is the best cafe in Brooklyn. And you can also go to the iconic chaning building, which is the heritage of the city.
In 8 days we will continue talking about the heritage of new york.

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