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sábado, 23 de febrero de 2019

How to sell ebooks and earn money Part II

Keep in mind that a quality article in a blog should have 3000 - 4000 words with 3 - 4 articles you can make a good book.

How should a good book be?

Telling something that is useful for people and that covers a need. It can be a guide to a place with the best getaways in the city.

Let's imagine that they decide to go to New York and search the internet for places to enjoy the place and tourist places.

But it's different when an expert friend has gone to New York and the recommendations that if my best friend went there; the incredible store where you can buy at incredible prices, the unknown restaurant where incredible food is served. 

Everything that is incredible and you would give the possibility to start giving advice for this person who reads to you.
In Amazon there is a growing trend to online business. Those who monetize a travel blog can do so with premium content or affiliate links.

We would have two examples that I already have in Amazon:
"Catalonia travel guide: how to travel on vacation"

"How to monetize your travel blog and not die trying"

If you love the idea of monetize your blog click here:

It is not the same a blog with thousands of subscribers to a person who has nothing and creates his first infoproducto. Within 8 days we will continue talking about how to promote your ebook.

Monetize travel 

Monetize travel blog 

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