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sábado, 2 de febrero de 2019

Going back to new york ... is it the ideal place for a digital nomad? Part I

It is very difficult to find a digital nomad who does not want to have the United States as in his travel wish list. The country has much to offer its inhabitants, from an environment driven by innovation to the coast and places of interest.

Why the United States?

Many nomads have considered traveling to the United States at least once in their lives and many have a must visit. The business scene is the main reason in a digital nomadic destination in addition to many natural, historical and cultural attractions of the country.
New York is not a cheap destination and staying here is much more expensive than Thailand or Cali.

If you are looking for inspiration new york is a good place. New york is a place motivation and achievements.

Cities like New York and Los Angeles have great coworking places, cafes and restaurants where they can mix. If you settle in the suburbs, you may need to go to a nearby cafeteria or choose to work from home.

Coworking spaces in new york:

A / D / O: 29 norman avenue, brooklyn, ny. 11222

The farm soho: 447 broadway, 2nd floor primary, 26 broadway.

In 8 days we will talk about leisure and what to do in New York as a digital nomad.

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