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sábado, 19 de enero de 2019

Is there anything known as tourism infoproduct in Latin America?

if there is something that characterizes us lately in this blog is to help you (if, to you) is to give you the possibility to travel and earn money remotely, that is, to be a digital nomad.

As you can see in Google, there is not a lot of infoproduct information dedicated to trade and we want to help you to have the possibility to travel like this in an incredible way while you have passive income.

but good we want to dedicate ourselves to the tourist part, and the most important question: is there any data or something that can be said about tourism infoproducts in Latin America?

and the answer is a resounding yes.

electronic commerce and tourism.

For many years, electronic commerce has been related to tourism or at least closely related.

an electronic commerce data in Colombia: 8,200 million dollars in Internet purchases that is equivalent to 2.19% of the GDP of the country.

The main sector is tourism.

Foto: Creative Commons

The advantage is that not everyone is taking advantage of the situation because tourism is not an important line of electronic commerce.

the big airlines are taking advantage of the situation along with the large hotel chains. others are reservation systems such as booking and takeoff.

others are small companies such as and in the latter category small businesses appear as small hotel businesses, tour operators, restaurants and other local tourism. (the potential is in the fourth group)

Actually, creating a web page is to make an electronic commerce is simple and cheap. You can even create a platform where you can sell services, rooms, plans, restaurants and more. intermediaries are eliminated and there is even more income faster and marketing and sales are encouraged before tourists travel.

Many people prefer to be informed on the Internet in platforms that generate confidence, including the page of the shops. and it is even important that an unification be sought so that all can unite.

that is why it is important that infoproducts grow so that we all have the opportunity to grow. including the travel bloggers that we are.

Let's start with our first infoproduct that is a guide for Catalonia and the French noon (it has spectacular places like castles, beaches, the Pyrenees and other things).

thanks for following us.

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