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domingo, 13 de enero de 2019

a new post about the change of this blog ...

Hi all. we want to help all the people who want to fulfill the dream of traveling and we want to help you as digital nomads.

digital nomads are people who do not care where they work but who have the possibility to travel around the world and work with a wifi.

We are going to show you some data about the digital nomads in the world and in Latin America.

6 out of 10 respondents felt that their productivity would increase or remain the same if they had the possibility to work remotely.
54% said that they would be willing to always be available outside working hours and even to work more hours in exchange for greater flexibility.
Notebooks, Internet connection and Office are the main tools chosen by Argentines as necessary to be a digital nomad.
the jobs are changing more to the objectives and projects, instead of being tied to an office or a schedule they prefer to work anywhere in the world.

and we want to help all of you to fulfill your dreams. One of them is the monetization of this blog and another.

we also want to do it with infoproducts so you can travel the world.

The question is: how will they do it? and also what is an infoproduct?

how will we do it?

we will do it with infoproducts.

and the main thing that are the infoproductos?

the infoproductos are two words: products and information. They are knowledge and experiences that are packaged in printed or written form in order to be useful. An infoproduct is a book, because it transmits knowledge, the experience of the author. It is an educational and fun product.

that's why we will create our first infoproduct that is a guide about the Catalan area and Occitanians to know where they can get to know these parts.

Thank you very much for following us.

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Resultado de imagen para digital nomad

Resultado de imagen para digital nomad catalonia

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