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sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2018

you can find in soho: new york, cafes, bars and restaurants and hotels new york part V

pick a bagel

It is a chain with several stores in Manhattan. if you are near buy a bagel. It has an assortment of bagels, cream cheese or other ingredients. all local pick a bagel has a selection of salads and you can buy all kinds of muffins, cookies and other snacks. the coffee is great too. 

Los mejores bagels de Nueva York - Pick A Bagel

hotels in soho.

Staying in Soho has its advantages. It is located in the center of the city but not in the tourist area, it allows you to reach many tourist attractions on foot, it offers bars and restaurants of all kinds and you can also go shopping in another part of the city. The disadvantage is the price. Here we place the best hotels and hostels in New York.

the soho trump of new york. It is located in one of the favorite neighborhoods of New York, in Soho. This skyscraper is the most important in the area. Many people say they wanted a hotel that would not exceed the height of the buildings in the area. It has one of the best views of New York.

In 8 days we will continue talking about the soho trump, the new york hostels.

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