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sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2018

that you can find in soho: new york, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. new york part IV



Mud is known for its coffee with a caffeine content. is perfect for the city that never sleeps "you can also order the original mud cup, but the mud mocha is also great, you need a higher dose of caffeine, do it with the almond latte and mint mochaccino. They give a bottle of water, they also have great things for breakfast and brunch, all the dishes have a Latin influence.

Los mejores bagels de Nueva York - MUD

Los mejores bagels de Nueva York - Interior de MUD


The only problem with the murray bagels is that there is no place to sit. That is not the only problem. the bagels are so good that they almost do not need filling. Although the bagels are delicious, murrays also has fillings. In addition to the classic cream cheese has many salads, and the staff knows how to prepare fried eggs. and the specialty is roasted fish.

Los mejores bagels de Nueva York- Exterior de Murrays Bagels

Bagels en NYC - Interior de Murrays Bagels

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