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sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2018

that you can find in soho: new york. new york hotels part VII

the be local chinatown offers budget accommodation located in chinatown / manhattan where you can enjoy in new york. If you do not like the crowds and be in an incredible neighborhood of the city, this hostel will enchant you.

Sala de estar


When you walk in the area you will feel that you have entered not only a country but a different continent. the streets are full of places that sell exotic foods like live eels. square sandrias and furry rambunates. (wow that weird) in addition to cheap jewelry and stores of 1,000 and 5,000 (jajajjajaja are like that in our country)

In addition to the typical Italian restaurants in mulberry street, this one block from this hostel you will find restaurants representing Chinese and Hong Kong cuisine.

the new york freehand hostel is located in the flatiron district of manhattan, is located in the old george washington hotel, was once home to writers, musicians and creatives. has personalized illustrations commissioned by students and alumni of bard college seeks to revitalize the artistic community in New York.

Freehand Nueva York

Freehand Nueva York

Freehand Nueva York

Freehand Nueva York

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