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sábado, 13 de octubre de 2018

which is to be a wanderlust person.

hello everyone. today have a new post and in 8 days talking soho. 

a word wanderlust has become one of the most used terms throughout these years. we see it in travel publications, on instagram and even in tattoos. But what does this word mean? Are we born with a wanderlust spirit? Is the answer inside you? in your brain?
We are in the fashion of wanderlust, but we are many (including us) that we do not take the word lightly, since it means new values ​​that we apply day by day. However, this traveler impulse is not known.
the wanderlust etymology takes us to German. wandern means wandering, while lust we translate it as passion. this derives later in the term Anglo-Saxon wanderlust or that is the same: passion for traveling.
in some of us this flame grows inside our body and there is no way to extinguish it. We are restless souls who always think about where to go, when it will be the next trip, what places they will meet and what adventures we will find on the way. because some people like to travel so much. Is it something psychological? genetic? we have some answers.
Do you have a passion to travel?
you have the wanderlust spirit:
  • when December is over, you have located all the bridges that will be next year and to consider possible trips.
  • If you go to an airport to pick someone up and you get the feeling of not catching a plane at this moment.
  • if you have taken a last minute offer and the next day you decide to go on a trip without planning it.
  • If you decide to escape one night to walk through a European city and return the next morning to your work.
you will ask where this traveling spirit comes from and the answer may be found within us. Some researchers define that there is a wanderlust gene, a derivative of a gene responsible for dopamine in people’s brains, while others say it is a psychological phenomenon.
the wanderlust gene may be the cause of the first migrations of history. a study of 39 people from around the world that people with the most pronounced wanderlust gene tend to migrate. The populations of South America, North America and Europe showed a greater tendency to migrate, unlike the Chinese and Japanese populations.
An American psychologist says that it is a psychological phenomenon, because there are dozens of social, cultural, biological and physiological elements that play an important role. from this point of view, it is easier to speak of a wanderlust spirit than a gene in itself.
Whether it is a gene or a psychological phenomenon, what is undoubted is that traveling is good for the mind. it opens the doors of knowledge and new cultures, keeps the brain active, improves your orientation and skills to communicate with people who do not speak your language. traveling is not only exploring new cities, but also reaching unknown and unknown places. traveling is going into adventures and challenges that you have proposed, such as jumping on parachutes in an unknown city or diving on unique reefs in the world.
and you, have the wanderlust spirit?

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