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sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2018

that you can find in soho, new york. part I

In the southwest of Manhattan is one of the most artistic neighborhoods and shopping paradise in New York: Soho. around houston street, we find one of the most popular areas of new york and one of the fashionable neighborhoods of people with money and the celebrities of the city. scene of many Hollywood movies and the most successful series in a first time you will feel great.

The reasons why soho should be in the New York itinerary are many. The first is that when he arrives at the neighborhood he keeps looking up at these buildings known as cast - iron buildings. In this area you can find the oldest buildings in the city and you can appreciate the midtown skyscrapers, which makes the soho an oasis.

As a curiosity he says that unlike the rest of New York, in Soho has names that are easier to remember, such as the case of Broadway.

Soho en Nueva York, un barrio único

the cast - iron architecture owes its name to the buildings built with molten steel that took this part of the city at the time of the industrial revolution. This material as an architectural novelty that allowed to build more stable and tall buildings and is considered the proliferation of skyscrapers in New York. besides being an economic material, it spread throughout the city.

Arquitectura Cast Iron en el Soho de Nueva York

the edges love soho in real life as fiction. will smith on "hitch" and cameron diaz on "no two without three" lived in the neighborhood on his hit movies, while pop stars like rihana or justin timberlake possess impressive lofts in this area in reality. the options of meeting a famous stroller with soho are very high and increase as we approach tribeca. You will also notice that Soho appears in all the movies that are shot in New York. so streets like spring street or mercer street appear in movies, series and advertising campaigns.

In 8 days we will continue talking about this iconic neighborhood of New York.

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