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domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2018

Special mention of travesias emocionales. How to enjoy beauty and aesthetics in Colombia and Cali exposhow.

Hello everyone. Today we move from New York to our city. Cali. The cali exposhow is the great fashion, aesthetic and fashion event. It shows great designers of jewelry and shoes and fashion too. Designers like Bettina Spitz and gina Murillo (pre-season designer to Porter and she is becoming known in the city.

the base frame fidel suarez was chosen as the official headquarters this year's version of the exhibition cali.

There will be four platforms among them, fashion platforms, knowledge platform and connections. likewise the city platform was made in some places and malls of new york.

The cali exposhow campaign is to convey the ethnic and cultural diversity of the city.

The talents of the city, among models, producers, agencies and photographers are the protagonists of the event.

the launch of the spring - summer 2019 collections of the invited international designer and the city 's designers and the new national talent will be carried out.

the producer of fashion Cali, catalina moncada, with an experience of 12 years in the production of fashion in Cali is in charge of the citadel platform of the cali exposhow.

The fashion photographer, with an experience of 7 years, is the author of the official photographs of the event.

this year the 2018 exhibition heat, promises to be one of the most creative and innovative events, positioning itself as one of the most important events in colombia, a platform for new talent, and invites Cali people to live a fashionable week in the city.

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