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sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2018

new york en verde: compendium of organic restaurants part V

Mas Farmhouse (Manhattan)

Enjoy organic meat in more farmhouse:

This restaurant has a selection of chicken and meat, all from the organic farms of New York, as well as their wines from biodynamic crops.

Mas La Grillade (Manhattan)

Grillade Restaurant in Manhattan:

chef gallen zamarra is in charge of the kitchen of more the grillade and his meals are based on meats and fish from organic farms cooked on the grill.

Parish Hall (Brooklyn)

regional food of the parish hall of brooklyn

The Parish Hall is the most adult restaurant belonging to the restaurateur George Weld and it is a spectacular meal.

Marlow & Sons ( Brooklyn)

in marlow and sons you will find dog food:

This restaurant is in Williamburg. belongs to the group of romans diner and sells organic cotton clothes, soaps without detergent, homemade pet food. It is perfect for a perfect breakfast.

Print (Manhattan)

delicious desserts in the print of manhattan:

print is located in an old printing press and has desserts and cocktails in the press lounge. You can enjoy it in the panoramic view of the roof. You can have breakfast or have a brunch.

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