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sábado, 4 de agosto de 2018

new york in green: compendium of organic restaurants part III

Chef's Table (Brooklyn)

Chef's kitchen cesar ramirez on chefs table: it is the most creative proposal of organic food in brooklin. The restaurant owns michelin three stars and is located inside the brooklyn fare store. It is a unique table for 18 people around the chef's kitchen.

Restaurante Egg (Brooklyn)

organic egg breakfasts: this George Weld restaurant became famous for its organic breakfasts. It is located in Williamsburg and has a small farm two hours away and the most adult hotel in Brooklyn, the Parish Hall.

Restaurante Eleven Madison (Manhattan)

elegance to the chef daniel humm dish: this restaurant in Manhattan has a gastronomic menu focused on the gastronomic variety of New York and its gastronomic tradition. all at the hands of the chef daniel humm.

Hudson Clearwater (Manhattan)

hudson clearwater dining in Manhattan: is located in west village (we will talk about this neighborhood later) although it has no sign on the door, if you can enter the restaurant you may find Christy Turlington or his usual celebrities. Organic food is made in full view and the patio is perfect for brunch.

Restaurante Gobo (Manhattan)

Vegetarian gobo cuisine: if you are looking for something vegetarian, it is a very chic option. It has oriental air and juices full of health. You can try the nory wrapped tofu with red curry sauce.

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