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sábado, 21 de julio de 2018

new york in green: compendium of ecological restaurants. part I

Nueva York cocina en verde: ruta de sus restaurantes ecológicos

Manhattan and Brooklyn have their charm but if we add gastronomy and ecotourism, these sides of New York offer green restaurants where you can eat healthy and fresh food.

Belle, book & Candle (Manhattan)

hidroponica cuisine in the belle, book and candle of manhattan. This restaurant is located in the greenwich village where the chef jhon moone has been growing for some time in the hydroponic garden of the roof (we will see later this iconic neighborhood of new york). 

Chelsea Market (Manhattan)

chelsea market of manhattan, organic stalls and donuts. This market offers a variety of ice cream shops and organic supermarkets where you can eat ginger donuts. (We will also talk about this iconic neighborhood of New York later)

Abc Kitchen (Manhattan)

healthy cooking in the abc kitchen of manhattan: this school is the bet for the local and sustainable food of chef jean george. their less are recycled paper and make their own compost, from your terrace you can see a view of the east river.

Achilles Heel (Brooklyn)

bar of the achilles heel of brooklin. This cafeteria is located at the greenpoint quays, the new fashion zone in brooklin (we will also talk about this neighborhood and its history later), you can not leave without enjoying your homemade desserts.

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