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sábado, 23 de junio de 2018

new york wonderful city to meet. part V

The Flatiron Building is an emblematic skyscraper of the city of New York. designed by daniel hudson in 1902. since its construction is one of the most famous buildings in new york.

the building was created with the aim of housing the headquarters of fuller construction company. the owner of the company financed the project and named it fuller building. however, this is not the name that has endured and the New Yorkers call it the flatiron. Remember an iron for clothes.

The architect was a lover of the classical architecture of Greece and Rome. to build the flatiron I use a new technique for the time. The building has a steel skeleton and its facade is made of limestone and terracotta. At the time it was thought that it would not hold the winds that pass through the intersection of the building. These fears are unfounded because the structure of the building can withstand very strong winds.

the building was built in just one year. in fact the steel skeleton was made to the rhythm of one floor per week.
the flatiron building received a positive response from the public. but not specialized criticism. Today he has become a New York icon and proof of this is the appearance in film and television. in the series of friends, the secret of veronica or gossip girl is habitual to see it in the background. in the movies he appears in movies like armmagedon, hitch, godzila, spiderman or I fall in love with a witch.
Look for the fifth avenue clock, one of the most emblematic watches in New York.

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