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domingo, 27 de mayo de 2018

new york: wonderful city to meet. part II

8 days ago we started talking about New York as a wonderful city to know and we had stayed at the Statue of Liberty. Today we will start talking about the history of the Statue of Liberty.
the island has received a variety of properties and names including: oyster island, love island, bedlow island and kennedy island. from 1664 it was called oyster island. The island was home to Native Americans and was named after the large number of crustaceans especially oysters that were found on the island. in 1667 a merchant took possession of the island and was called love island. When the English arrived in New York City, the island was called Bedlow Island. In 1876 the island was sold to Archibald Kennedy and I used the island for a summer house. Kennedy used the island as a station for those who feared smallpox. The Statue of Liberty is part of the United States government in 1801. Many often wonder if the Statue of Liberty is located in New York or New Jersey on the Hudson River and the upper part of New York Bay. The statue is a symbol of New York and New Jersey.

The statue symbolizes an inspiration for migrants means a new beginning, hope, success and freedom. the copper statue holds a torch known as "the light of reason" and a purple law book with the date of the declaration of independence. Over the years the Statue of Liberty is a reminder of equality, patriotism and human rights. recognizes an idea of ​​universal freedom.

Today, millions of visitors travel to the city of New York and the islands to witness the symbol of North America and New York. in 1984 it was declared a world heritage site.

Resultado de imagen para estatua de la libertad

Resultado de imagen para estatua de la libertad

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