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domingo, 1 de abril de 2018

unmissable destinations for Easter

From Valencia to Costa Rica, these are the best-known destinations for traveling in Easter.


valencia lives with fervor the Holy Week. with 30 brotherhoods, brotherhoods and corporations are part of this religious festival. In Easter, it feels like a perfect climate to go out and walk around the city.

Maurice Island.

If you are looking for a paradisiacal beach but you like adventure and nature, Mauritius has what you are looking for. It is located in Madagascar, and has a cultural richness that can not be missed. and if you can dive with dolphins, be with totugas or be in the Hindu culture? If you want to rest you can do it on the beach or relax on one of the islands by snorkeling and hiking.


Easter is perfect for a getaway to the north of Europe as the cold is going and the sunny days are coming to walk through nature. And if you love to enjoy the fjords and other natural things you will love Norwegian.


tunes is not far away, at the level of malt or Sardinia, but in a flight it will have changed from a country but from a continent. this Muslim nation will not see a holy week procession. and it is a reason to go to this country.


Greece is one of the most coveted destinations in Easter, in addition to the good reception of the Greeks helps to stay.

Spring is an ideal time to visit Athens. there the acropolis awaits you and some deposits that testify the city state that it was. The city has museums, markets and a combination of east and west.

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