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sábado, 21 de abril de 2018

travel on Earth Day: places to travel in the world before it's too late

the world has spectacular corners but many human beings inconsiderate and for that reason the earth supposes the deterioration and disappearance of these places that can only survive if there is a responsible tourism and desire for global change.

that's why you'd better explore the world and visit these places before they disappear and leave with the desire to know these incredible places.

1. Old Havana, Cuba:

the deterioration of Cuba is not due to climate change or irresponsibility in tourism, but this place will change in a few years. What is known as the old Havana will disappear as such as we know it because new business and international relations were created.

2. the dead sea:

It is the best salt lake in the world. the overexploited rio jordan for being the only source of water is threatening the Dead Sea. in the last 40 years it has lost a third of its volume and if it continues at this rate it will disappear in the last 50 years.

3. The canals of Venice, Italy:

Parace an eternal place for tourists and couples, but it is not so because the water of the channels is its own enemy. the Venetian buildings sink 1.5 millimeters each year and the sea level rises 4 and 6 millimeters at that time. in about 70 years venice can be under water.

4. tah mahal, india.

this monument receives almost 4 million visits a year and its façades are degraded day by day with mass tourism. if it continues at this rate, the government can restrict visits or close it to the public permanently.

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