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sábado, 3 de marzo de 2018

which is emotional travesias and because it exists today

if we start telling the stories that have been created since always and the stories have been part of our lives.
we are Andrea and Oscar Garcia and our stories start a long time ago before we met.
I grew up on the Atlantic coast, spending all my childhood there. Throughout my childhood we spent it between the coast and Cali, our city. Before he was ten he had known half of Colombia. (at least in the northern part of Colombia). Enjoy during these years, the coast was extraordinary because we enjoyed the beach and the historic area. From there I have a great friend that I know her as a child.
At age 10 we returned to Cali and also began to enjoy our city. I arrived in the city in the nineties of the last century and I saw a sophisticated city where big skyscrapers, businesses, etc. were seen and when the fair was held in the most sophisticated area of the time: sixth avenue.

meanwhile oscar lived in our city until he started to travel too. He began to leave after his graduation to all of South America. He met several cities in South America and then traveled to Europe to finish studying music with a Celtic guitarist. I travel a lot through Europe and I return two years later. Oscar returned to Cali. this happened in 2008.

in 2010 we met and we got married in 2013. who was going to think that we were going to travel together. Our first trip together was to the Atlantic coast, then to girodot, then to popayan and we lived in Cartagena n time (like popayan). We tell those stories in the book beyond travel, emotional experiences. (If you would like to enjoy these trips as a couple you can purchase it in physical at

There he began his adventure. that's why this blog exists and we decided to call it emotional crossings because we found it funny and charming to have this name.
Here we give you some pictures of our trips and enjoy this post to our blog.

These years have been wonderful. but what will come will be more wonderful. for all this is our anniversary number 5 and sorry for the very different way we have written. so they will have more emotional crossing for a longer time.
finally I want to place this poetry. celebrating this event.

Look deep inside me,
you will find yourself alone
because you became part of my being
    In an inevitable feeling of feeling,
And hard to understand.

Your way of Loving,
I take possession of my soul, my heart
and my feelings.
Every moment you give me
it gives me life,
  To love...

I give myself entirely ...
and I breathe after,
because I feel that this
It's true love!
What do you think?.

I'm scared, that one day, maybe,
that Love is detached from me ...
But I know that True Love,
never think about the end ...

And in every kiss of yours
I know there it is.

Give me your life
I want to bless myself
with your blessing!
feeling each one of the heartbeats, of your tender heart.

True Love, I do not ask for more!
give me your Love
that only by your side, in your hugs,
I find happiness and happiness.

And I do not even want to think,
that all this pleasure
It can be lost.
I love you,
I love you more each day,

in each beat, the answer you will find.

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