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sábado, 24 de marzo de 2018

travel in Bogota. the tenth part of enjoy the capital of colombia

the pilgrims of the city of santafe met for the eucharist in a small chapel dedicated to the holy cross of monserrate, then hill of snow. the plebiscite Pedro Soliz promoted the expansion of the chapel and the foundation of the chapel that was called Our Lady of the Cross of Monserrate. the plebismus promoted the adaptation of a path to the hermitage pariah from the church of the snows, located at the foot of the hill. the temple remained standing until an earthquake when it was necessary to rebuild it.

the chapel was replaced by a church of a different construction due to the earthquake. It was transformed by a church that is currently preserved.

from the top of the hill of monserrate you get a view of the whole city of Bogota, it houses the sanctuary of the fallen Lord, a place of pilgrimage of nationals and foreigners surrounded by vegetation and you can see the best landscape of the savannah of Bogota. It is reached by cable car or funicular or by a demarcated path. It is a good walk where you can visit the sanctuary, walk, enjoy the view and eat at one of the restaurants.

The Museum of Art of the Bank of the Republic has a building that has two rooms in which temporary art exhibitions are held and this part of the art collection. an area of children's workshops and a large auditorium. In addition to his services, he has an architectural job that led him to win the National Architecture Award in 2006.

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