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sábado, 17 de marzo de 2018

travel in Bogota. the nine part of enjoy the capital of colombia

On July 16, 1820 the government gave this house to the Liberator Simon Bolivar as a sign of gratitude for independence. this house in addition to belonging to simon bolivar for 10 years, was the place of celebration of important events. the liberator took refuge in the fifth after they tried to attack his life. after belonging to simon bolivar, belonged to the paris family, served for Santa Ana College and a pita factory (akin to beer), then became the Bolivarian Museum. After years of work I stayed as a country house and recovered the look I had when I lived Bolivar.

this house was very independent for the independence because it was issued the act of revolution. the house is a construction of the sixteenth century. was acquired by the government to show the anniversary of the independence of Colombia. the museum is endowed with a thousand objects that make allusion and were important in the independence that makes it a historical place.

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