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sábado, 10 de marzo de 2018

travel in Bogota. the eight part of enjoy the capital of colombia

The Candelaria Theater was built in 1966 by a group of independent artists tuned to experimental theater and new cultural trends. The group began its work in a barn of the 20s calling the house of culture. At this time the theater, music and plastic arts merged.
This group of people always appropriates the national dramaturgy and make the theater into a popular public access. now the house is located in the la candelaria neighborhood.

zipaquira is called zipa because the zipa was the caciques that settled in the plateau of zipaquira, the city of salt is not the most important centers of salt in all colombia is also a tourist city because it preserves old mansions.
The center of Zipaquira is considered historical and cultural heritage of Colombia. there are buildings and places like the colonial square that is the epicenter of the city and is surrounded by cultural buildings and are considered national monuments.
the salt cathedral is considered a patimony of humanity (great personalities such as will smith, antonio banderas and marc anthony were inside the city and some as will smith have their house there) a spectacular work in the depths of the earth where the viacrusis until you reach the main altar. It is illuminated with dim lights invite recollection and amazement is part of the place.

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