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sábado, 17 de febrero de 2018

special of travesias emocionales: the places to enjoy valentines

It's coming up on February 14 and it's an excuse to enjoy this wonderful planet, for Valentine's Day. for the day of valentines there are many couples who choose a getaway with a destination with charm for the day of lovers.

where to travel in valentines?

Paris, France

the French capital is known as the capital of love and is known in the first cudad when we talk about romanticism. in its many corners of French romanticism, you can not miss the pont des arts, famous in the past also for the thousands of locks that have been left by thousands of couples around the world.

Venice, Italy

Along with Paris, Venice is the most cited among the destinations for a romantic getaway. celebrate valentines through its streets and squares, crossing its bridges or a ride in gondola in its channels, one of the most romantic proposals of a trip as a couple.

witches, belgium

Known as the northern venice, this Belgian city is characterized by its canals and bridges, is a good choice for a romantic getaway. medieval architecture very well preserved, cobblestone streets and bridges, come together to make witches a city that invites romanticism.

lisbon, portugal 

the narrow and steep streets that tilt the layout of the old city, alternating with spectacular views of some of the viewpoints. They give the city a nostalgic air and with a lot of charm.

rio de janeiro, brazil 

It is the event of the year of Brazil, one of the biggest shows in Latin America, although the carnival lasts four days, the celebrations invade the neighborhoods with street parties, parades, dances, and free concerts throughout the week or even before. who visit river of an incomparable environment like no other. the carnival of Rio although it lasts a few days, is the result of months of preparation, that the samba schools create fantasies, allegorical cars and impossible costumes and musicians create rhythms that are sung and danced that end with the samba schools of the year.

barranquilla, colombia 

It is the most important folkloric and cultural festival in Colombia. Each year this Caribbean city becomes the stage for folkloric expressions, dances and musicals. This celebration gathers expressions of the memory and identity of Barranquilla. cultures are mixed as identity. everything that exceeds all kinds of differences and makes as a reason for celebration and party. 

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