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sábado, 10 de febrero de 2018

travel in Bogota. the six part of enjoy the capital of colombia

the botanical garden of Bogota with an area of 19 hectares. its commemorative name is jose celestino mutis, director of botanical experimentation. was founded in 1955 by the scientist enrique perez arbelaez and has representations of cloud forest, conifers, Andean forest, oak grove, cryptoomagnum (plants that do not have flowers), herbal (medicinal plants) and a circuit of greenhouses with plants of dry climate , warm and rainy. promotes activities with environmental education, in addition to inestigaciones en especal de la sabana de Bogota.
has a place called system, which has plants in their degree of evolution, has laboratories, lake, waterfall, environmental classroom, propagation tunnels, auditorium and concerts.

The palace of Lievano is located on the western side of the Plaza de Bolivar in Bogota and today the Mayor of Bogota works. from the time of the colony has been occupied by many important government institutions such as the jail, the jail of women, the office of the mayors, the house of the town hall and the office of the viceroys, the archives of the regidores, the viceregal palace , the mayor chapter of santafe and since 1910 the mayor of Bogota.
in 1827 an earthquake destroyed most of the building, which caused that there was a new construction, which was called galleries arrubla that worked as commercial establishments, which were destroyed by a fire in 1900.
at this time the monument was built in the French style so that it was inaugurated in 1905 to be remodeled in 1967.

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