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viernes, 19 de enero de 2018

travel in Bogota. the fourth part of enjoy the capital of colombia

about the places where the ramirez coliseum was located, where the first theater companies of europe, zarzuela and opera were received. Under President Rarael Nuñez, the step-by-step theater of the state was called the National Theater.
the construction was made in 1886 and on October 27, 1892 was inaugurated by the arrival of cristobal colon to the new world, that is why the theater has its name.

The unicentro shopping center is the first des genre project in the city of Bogota. It was built in 1976 and the w-shaped design gave it a unique style in its genre. includes a one-story heated building and three-story roof and communications with electric stairs. It has a central walkway illuminated with natural light, large corridors, water sources and permanent information and surveillance services.

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