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sábado, 13 de enero de 2018

especial of travesias emocionales: manizales fair and black and white carnival

Today we will start with a special mention of our country Colombia and two very important parties in the country and in two different places: the manizales fair and the black and white carnival in the city of pasto, Colombia.

The manizales fair began on January 6 and ends on January 14. It is considered the most important and emblematic festival after many festivals in the country. The fair is considered important for its bullfighting season (which we do not really like) its events, concerts, sporting events, exhibitions and the international reign of coffee. This fair has Spanish roots and reminds the fair of April of Seville, adopting many of its customs, but also has many coffee customs, customs paisas, the Andean region.

The black and white festival is celebrated the first days of January. Each year it attracts a considerable number of people from the country and foreign people. This festival began in the sixteenth century and is the combination of a religious syncretism. until the mid-1920s the current party is taking place. in November of 2001 it was in November of 2001, the festival was declared cultural patrimony of the nation by the congress of Colombia. they had like priority the place of the carnival and the culture, the signaling of the footpath of the carnival and the creation of the corporation of the carnival.

the other journey we going to the visit to bogota. 

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