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viernes, 5 de enero de 2018

Day of Kings in Spain

the christmas season give you an oportunity like the case of day of kings. its a great tradition who celebrate in horseback riding gigantic in all the cities and countries of spain. they give you gifts and candies to everyone. 

knew how Epiphany in the Anglo-Saxon world, with with multitudinous celebrations of this event. the celebration start last afternoon to ephiphany in the night of january 5 when celebrate horseback ridding of kings in every city. thousand of people see the celebration in the greatest cities to see the arrival of the kings came to the city. 

the people go through to the streets and came to the principal avenues and square carry stairs for stand out above the people with the hope to carry on gifts and candies because in spain its not the It is the child Jesus, not San Nicola but the wise men bring the gifts to all. children and families celebrate this spanish tradition. 

this days have the especial for the hollidays. in 8 days we come back to bogota. thank you. 

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