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sábado, 9 de diciembre de 2017

travel in Bogota. the third part of enjoy the capital of colombia

the principal activity of the children museum in bogota have a visit with activities managed for guides for experimented and interact. this is a space for subjects pedagogic and recreation in the area of science, culture and tech. 
the museum its for contemporary architecture. it found in the corner of the salitre park. 
the visit of the zones is in three hours each. in yellow zone is energy source, cars, tv and the senses. in blue zone is have the invents of leonardo davinci, and another subjects like phisics, computing, the city and dinosaurs. the red zone have optics, petroleum, nutrition and vial security. 

since 7 days in the city of bogota, the pizza man have a lot of pizzas, you enjoy and vote what is the better pizza. november 27 unil december 3 have the oportunity to eat a ot of pizzas and pay 12.000 you eat a lot and vote for the best. have heineken beer or hatsu tea for 16.000. have an app for master pizza and have a count in instagram and facebook: @masterpizzaco. 

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