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sábado, 2 de diciembre de 2017

travel in Bogota. the second part of enjoy the capital of colombia

the centre of maloka its interactive of cience and technology, and have a museum when phenomena, concepts, tech, and science and everydayness have in environment who change relations with the users and knowledge. 

count with 17.000 m2. 10.000 exposed 8 meters of depth. its the center in latinamerica. 95% its ahnd by colombian made. it found 200 exhibitions in 9 rooms. the subjects are: the universe, life, biodiversity in bogota bed sheet, electricity and electromagnetism, etc. 

the g zone its one of the places more important to bogota. the last two years have a lot of restaurants of lot of tendency. the origins of the name is the form that built and the another origins its restaurants have a refined gourmet touch. 

in restaurants have a lot of trends: brunch, cafes, meat, crepes, breakfast, salads, hamburguers, ice cream, grills, sandwich, desserts, pizza, and seafood. they have chinese, spanish, northamerican, french, fusion, international, italian, peruvian cook. 

the zone have an excelents hotels, the g zone its the better zone for tourist to assit to enjoy a espectacular food. 

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