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viernes, 29 de diciembre de 2017

the best 5 destination for enjoy the new year

keep reading and knew this 5 destinations to celebrate the new year all over the globe. 
madrid its the first destination. in the sun door, how the year what... sing the group mecano who celebrate in the famous square. the party of sun door its the most animated in europe and madrilistas and foreign congregate to celebrate over the top afterwards sounds the clock. 

new york celebrate in 1907 in times square mark the iniciate a new year for the best celebartion of usa. the party for fire the new year have a seven our earlier who have celebrities of first level before a confeti rain fall all over the people in times square. 

go to london in christmxx its a pleasure, you can return again to celebrate london the new year. since south bank joint the london eye. contemplate a lot of people a fireworks in tams river and big ben when new year start. the party start over the night but its great enjoy the new day parade. 

in sydney have a fireworks of all over the planet and the image of light of the opera house and the bay have turned around many times. prepare to enjoy this show at first hours of december 31 have a lot of tails to enjoy the show time. 

last one in budapest, hungary. the party its not december 31 and january 1. the hungary love parties. when came to this cities have days of parties. take place in the chain bridge for the fireworks in buda, enjoy the ruis bars opened all night. start with music in the opera and enjoy a bath in outdoors Széchenyi. 

this blog we have happy new year, and have new proyect and enjoy this hollydays. 
happy new year. 

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