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sábado, 23 de diciembre de 2017

5 cities to enjoy the christmxx

berlin its the first city you can enjoy christmxx because the country have a party with the lights rivals with the snow in the streets. to avoid the cold you have to ask a bratwust join to hot wine in the street. they have christmax market all over the city. 

bratislava its an old ciy that It looks like a Christmas story, the cobbled streets and square in a castle dominating the environment in a mountain. that invite to get lost in the city. in the cafes we have christmas cupcakes too cheap, in the square and buy arts and crafts. 

have the cristmas in strasburg its magic. have german and french traditions, have the oldest market of france, built in 1570. the market of flavors of alsace, in the place of meuniers, or bredie the square of austerlitz, famous for their cookies. 

madrid its a wonderfull city to enjoy christmaxx and have christmxx spirit the sun door with a wonderfull christm tree its a date in christmas. the party have in the square when customes have a part for the environment. go to a tapas and enjoy a chocolate with a hot fritter. 

salsburg its the origin of the christmas carol night of peace. and the streets of krampus and pertchen give Luck of luck and give to concerts and recitals of liteture. its the city who born mozart and the cristmas carol nigt of peace. who is barroque and the music stay all over the city, you can enjoy and sing. 

this 3 weeks we write about the hollydays, today we write cristmas and 8 days later a new year and king days in 3 weeks. in january write again about the city of bogota. and all followers merry christmas. 

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