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sábado, 25 de noviembre de 2017

travel in Bogota. the first part of enjoy the capital of colombia

today we star the serie with the city of bogota. i travel in the city last month and i love the eclectic air of the city. a lot of people all over the cities of colombia living and working there.

we start with the centre of the city. the rivas passage buit XIX century are the arts of crafts of this part of the city. in this century found the taylors and chicherias. the high class found in another part because dont close  to the people. 

the rivas passage its internacional reconize. since internet guides its reference with the principal centre of art and crafts in bogota. 

in madelena part have the best commercal part of the city, they found a bars with crossover music who like nocturne life. 

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