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sábado, 18 de noviembre de 2017

last one, a wonderfull place to visit in popayan is payanes town. the payanes town have characteristics who show the arts and crafts all over the city of popayan and have a oficce when promote entreperneur. 
in the weekend shows local arts and crafts and food. 
by the way, if you like ice cream artisan, enjoy the ice cream in caldas park. have a artisan ice cream shop (ice cream by hand). 

last one, cauca university is the best universities of southwestern of colombia, some faculties find each other in the historic centre. built in the beggining of century have a republican influence and a lot of student of all colombian and cauca study there. the station of indigen movement found there and it is the best. 

we wait to like this journey of the city of popayan. in 8 days have a new destiny: bogota city. 

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